How to untangle a big knot in your hair?

Hair knots, whether they are part of our daily lives or painful childhood memories, are often synonymous with untangleable problems. But do not panic ! In this article, we will see how hair gets tangled, how to prevent knots from forming and, above all, how to detangle them when they are there!

Why is my hair in knots?

Tangles in hair form for several reasons or combinations of problems.

It is often because of friction and friction that we end up withhair all tangled. Whether in adults or children, it is often in the morning when we wake up that we notice that therubbing against the pillowcaused large knots. Also, theoutdoor activitiesLike swimming, activities exposed to wind or the elements are also factors that cause hair tangling.

Added to this are predispositions to certain types or nature of hair. THEdry hair and abyssesare more prone than others to knot formation. Split ends and rough hair cuticles also promote hair tangling. THEcurly hairare also more prone to knots, by nature.

How to prevent knots from forming?

To prevent knots from forming in the hair which then turn intodreadlocks, there are some tips.

-Tie up your hair(without tightening too much so as not to damage the hair fibers) for sleeping and for physical activities, in water or exposed to the wind. For sleeping a large braid is ideal and for physical activities, a ponytail is often enough.

-Hydrate regularlyand take care of your dry hair so that it tangles less naturally. Do ourhair diagnosisfor more advice.

- Finallybrush your hair regularlywith agood hairbrush, adapted to your hair type. Choose a brush thatdetangles effectively without damaging, with soft nylon nubs on a rubber support which provides even more flexibility.

Le peigne opaline Bachca dans des cheveux blonds et lisses, en teinte ivoire.

How to get rid of a knot in your hair without cutting?

We all have more or less traumatic memories of hair knots going wrong. A clumsy chewing gum in class, a handful of hair left tangled in a swing... When the knot is already there, you have to act withpatience and methodto avoid having to cut. Here are our tips:

-Act quicklyand don't postpone the problem until tomorrow, it will be worse!

-Wet the hairso that they are easier to detangle

- Gently separatewith the finger orcombthe knot in smaller bundles to avoid over-tangling

-Brush them gentlyusing adetangling brush, starting from the bottom of the knot (towards the tip of the hair) and going up to the roots

In conclusion, be patient to knock out the knots and take preventative care of your hair to avoid unpleasant surprises. Find all our advice on the blog forbeautiful hair.

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