Hair brushes

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Essential in a beauty routine, they are the essential asset for a successful make-up!Our makeup brusheswill accompany you everywhere to enhance your natural beauty.

All Bachca brush handles are made ofnatural beech wood, noble and non-polluting material. This very resistant wood helps to make our accessoriesdurable objects.

The bristles of the brushes areTaklon, a revolutionary fiber of extremecandy.An ideal compromise between flexibility and nervousness, Taklon perfectly holds the powder and then fixes it on the face. This fiber is100% veganAndnon-allergenic. The pure design of the handles combined with the copper ferrule gives them a touch of classic elegance.

Suitable forall skin types, dry, oily, sensitive, they will reveal your natural beauty. In a set or individually, from foundation to blush, from eyeshadow to eyeliner... for a natural or sophisticated make-up, at Bachca you will find everything you need!

Each makeup brush has its own purpose.

- For the complexion, ourfoundation brushallows for a light and uniform finish.

-THEpowder brushwill brighten your face.

-You can also opt for thekabukiwhich is ideal for a natural and blended look.

-THEblush brushwill add the final touch.

-For the eyes, theangled eyeshadow brushis perfect for creating beautiful gradients.

-THEprecision brush, allows you to apply all types of textures.

-And finally, oureyebrow and eyeliner brushis best for applying and blending eyebrow pencil but also for drawing eyeliner.

Whether you are a makeup professional or a novice, we will help you find themakeup brushyou need. Let your creativity run wild with Bachca brushes. For good hygiene, don't forget to regularly clean your makeup accessories.