Hair brushes

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Complexion makeup is a step that should not be neglected if you want a luminous face. You can quickly end up with a dull complexion or shiny skin if this makeup is done incorrectly. For a successful make-up, you must usequality brushes. They will also facilitate the application of your products for successful makeup in just a few minutes. Foundation brush, powder brush, kabuki, blush brush…At Bachca we have them alleveryday essentials.

-OURbrush backgroundis a flat brush with synthetic fibers ideal for applying an ultra-thin film of foundation for a natural result.

- OURpowder brushis perfect for applying compact or loose powders evenly to the face.

- OURKabukiis optimal for evenly covering large areas with compact or loose powder.

-THEangled blush brushis ideal for applying blush while respecting the shape of the face and hollowing out the bones of the cheek.

All our brushes are made ofTaklon, a 100% synthetic fiberveganand acandyrevolutionary.

Remember to regularly clean your brushes to remove accumulated impurities. To do this, we advise you to use a mild shampoo and let it dry on a clean cloth.