Hair brushes

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To maintain the natural glow of our skin and keep it healthy, it is important to choosequality products.

Reusable cotton pads, cleansing brush, nail clippers, makeup headband... Find the care product that fits your needs perfectly.daily needs.

At Bachca our selections are made to make your life easier. Do you dream of havingsustainable care accessorieswho will finally meet your needs? From the makeup removal routine to make-up and nails, you will find what you are looking for.

Make your bathroom green with our accessorieszero wastefor more responsible consumption. Pretty oneszero waste accessoriesto reveal the natural radiance of your skin. We want our products to last a long time, which is why we created them to be durable. No more disposable cotton pads and long live ourreusable cotton pads! Combined with your usual makeup remover, they effectively and gently clean all types of makeup. A great way to reduce waste and thus your ecological impact. Thanks to our cottons, ourecological ear cure, our makeup remover brushes… revolutionize your skincare routine by saying goodbye to disposable products!