Hair brushes

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Discover ouraccessoriesspecially designed for fine and fragile hairchildren. Brushes perfectly suited togentle brushing. No more screaming and crying while brushing! With Bachca brushes, detangling becomes a real pleasure for all little girls.

OURnylon bristle brushis specially adapted for easy detangling, even on long and very fine hair. THEsoft pimplesallow painless deep detangling and are ideal for removing knots, even on wet hair.

OURbaby brushis ideal for the hair of babies from 3 months. His100% wild boar spikesallow gentle brushing. It is also ideal for removing small cradle caps after bathing. As soon as the hair becomes too long and too thick, switch to a nylon pin brush.

THEhair accessoriesmake it possible to achievepretty hairstylesvery easily. Scrunchies, barrettes, elastics, bows, choose the accessory that best suits your child's hair. For little girls with short hair, choose small barrettes and thin elastics that will fix their little locks. For little girls with long hair, there are plenty of choices!