Nos conseils pour prendre soin de sa peau en automne

Our tips for taking care of your skin in the fall

The days gradually lengthen, the cold arrives, fatigue eventually sets in. It's a difficult time for our skin, which is becoming more and more sensitive. ❄️️ It is therefore essential to take care of it and adapt your beauty routine.

Tip #1: Moisturize your skin well ✨

With the arrival of the cold, our skin dries more, which is why we must gradually integrate new treatments that will be more suitable for the arrival of winter.

Opt for creams with richer, smoother textures. Dry skin, like oily skin, needs hydration, you just have to find the product that suits it. Also remember to drink plenty of water: at least 1.5 L per day. Good hydration is the basis for healthy skin.

Tip #2: Exfoliate your skin 💦

Autumn is the ideal season to exfoliate your epidermis and thus activate circulation and eliminate small skin imperfections.

To do this, you can use the 100% natural konjac sponge which will perform a gentle and light exfoliation so as not to irritate your skin. Start by moistening it then apply a dab of cleanser to the sponge. Make small circular circles all over your face.

Your skin will be visibly brighter, smoother and more toned.

Tip n°3: Remove make-up well 🫧

We can never say it enough, make-up removal is an essential element to have a beautiful complexion and healthy skin. When you sleep without removing your make-up, you prevent your skin from breathing and it becomes cluttered. Impurities will clog pores, which promotes the appearance of imperfections and will accelerate aging. To remove your make-up, you can use a make-up remover oil that you will place on a reusable cotton pad previously moistened.

Tip #4: Adopt a good diet 🥑

Your skin is like your diet. Give him a varied and balanced diet. Turn to seasonal, organic and locally grown products. Autumn provides us with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber essential to our diet. Fill up on fatty acids with nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, etc.) or vegetable oils (rapeseed, walnuts, flax, etc.). Eat diverse and colorful foods to replenish vitamins and nutrients.

You can also follow a detox cure to declutter your liver from the long barbecue evenings of summer. You will find many in pharmacies or parapharmacies.

Tip #5: Get massages 💆‍♀️

Facial massage has many virtues. The main one is its anti-aging action! It helps to lift the muscles of the face and thus delay aging. A regular facial massage will activate blood circulation, which will play on the health of your skin to make it firm. Finally, it helps eliminate toxins and impurities accumulated on our face.

The facial massage therefore increases the radiance and light of your complexion while rehydrating and nourishing it in depth. There are many facial massage techniques: massages with accessories, massages from Asia… find among this multitude of choices the one that will do you good. Try to establish a regular routine in order to feel the full benefits.

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