Hair brushes

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Welcome to our category of children's sets, where we have carefully designed sets specially adapted to the needs of young ones. Our boxes combine both essential accessories to take care of your little ones and fun elements to express their personality from a very young age. Above all, they are the ideal gift to personalize!

One of our flagship products is the Birth Box, a perfect creation to gently welcome a newborn into the world. This box includes a customizable baby hairbrush, a precious souvenir that will accompany your child throughout their growth. The brush is specially designed to be gentle on babies' delicate scalp, promoting healthy hair. The wooden comb, available in blue or pink, is the ideal accessory to keep your baby's hair tidy and tangle-free.

We also offer a Little Girl's Hairstyle Kit, a great option for encouraging creativity and self-expression in young ones. This kit includes a customizable brush that can be engraved with the child's name, adding a personal touch to their box. The hair accessories included in the kit are perfect for creating playful hairstyles, whether they're barrettes, scrunchies or matching elastics. Your little girl will be able to have fun experimenting with her hair while developing her unique style.

At our house, we understand the importance of caring for little ones while encouraging them to have fun with their style. That's why we created these special boxes, which combine practicality and personalization to create lasting memories.

Discover our collection of sets for children and offer your little ones a pleasant and memorable hair experience. Encourage them to take care of their hair while expressing their personality with our accessories adapted to their age and needs. Transform the skincare routine into a moment of pleasure for your children thanks to our boxes specially designed for them.