✨ Engrave a first name, a nickname, a date of birth... a gift that is sure to please, to offer for a birthday, a Christmas present or for a birth.

The brush becomes a personal, unique object that you want to keep just for yourself.

🧡 Giving the baby brush or the personalized baby set is THE ideal and original birth gift . Engrave his first name followed by his date of birth and the brush becomes an object to keep for life that will please parents, little girls and little boys.

Customize the whole family's brushes for more hygienic brushing. At Bachca, everyone has their own brush, adapted to each type of hair with their first name engraved. It is also a wise idea so that large siblings no longer fight over their brushes and that brushing becomes a moment of pleasure.

🌈 All our brushes are laser engraved in our Nantes workshop. Laser engraving allows great accuracy and finesse of the typography for a rendering of unparalleled precision. Personalization makes each of our brushes unique. This high definition engraving gives your hairbrush a very high quality look and feel.

🍀 Allow about 2 weeks to receive your personalized brush, that's the time it takes to own a high quality object that will change your daily life.