3 personalized gift ideas to offer for Mother’s Day

Theremothers' Dayalways comes back too quickly every year and it is often difficult to find aoriginal and personalized ideawhich suits our mothers. Whether you want to give a gift toa young mother or an older one, the dilemma is often the same. Discoverour selection of original and personalized gifts to please all mothers!

The useful everyday gift: the engraved hairbrush

Indeed, we rarely think about it, but a hairbrush is an object at the same timeuseful for taking care of yourselfi but alsoa practical accessorythat we use daily. This way, she will remember her gift every morning.Mother's Day.


The little extra of this idea is the possibility ofpersonalize the brushOrthe combaccording to your mother's preferences. You can choose to addhis name, his nickname or an important date.

If you don’t know what to write as an engraving, you can opt for our brush with “Dear Mum» ; simple but which will undoubtedly be appreciated by your mother!



To be sure to choose the most suitable gift, use our
hair diagnosis. It is a tool involving a study ofthe condition of your hair,including their quality as well as their texture. This evaluation thus makes it possible to determine thespecific needsin terms of products such as the type of brushes or combs; your mother leans more towards the brush“detangling and shine”Or "detangling and volume» ?

The gift always in the handbag: the engraved mirror

Amirroris aessential accessory, and giving a personalized one for Mother's Day is a stylish way to remind her how special she is. Imagine her joy every time she takes her mirror out of her purse for ahair or makeup touch-upand will discover the engraving specially designed for her.


And to make this gift even more special, it comes withits beige cotton pouchBachca allowing it to be protected.

The complete gift, which takes care of the hair and can be worn every day: the engraved trio box.

If you are looking to shower your mother with acomplete gift that takes care of her every day, THEengraved trio boxis the perfect solution. This box set made up of bestsellers from our store includes thehair brushcustomizable adapted to your hair type, theopaline combsea ​​green and itspliersfor hair.


The hairbrush and the combareessential toolsfor the maintenance of your mother's hair. As for the hair clip, it will add elegance to all her hairstyles. Whether for aspecial occasionor foran ordinary day, the sea green opaline clip will perfectly style her hair.

In addition, the trio box set is presented in apackaging ready to be offered. 

Finally exclusively for Mother's Day 2024, find ourcollaboration with Maison Roussotexclusively !

By offering thesethree personalized gift ideasForMothers Day, you are sure to delight your mother with presents that are as practical as they are elegant. Opt fororiginality and personalizationto make this Mother's Day unforgettable for her.

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