Spring hair loss: how to fix it?

Everychange of season, its share of complications. And even if we are happy to see thespringcome to the fore and the sunny days return, many of us are observing a much less pleasant phenomenon. Indeed in spring,our hair tends to fall outmore or less intensely, and that's normal. Why do we observe this phenomenon and how to remedy it?

Why does our hair fall out in spring?

Like autumn, spring is a season conducive tohair loss. This is due to the body's transition from winter, where it remained in energy-saving mode, to a more active phase. This transition can cause hair follicles to turn over, leading totemporary hair loss. But how can we limit this phenomenon?

Eat a balanced diet to start

To fight againsthair loss, you must first look at your plate. Hair is a reflection of our diet, so it is essential tobalance your diet. Choose dishes rich inproteins, inminerals(iron and zinc) andvitamins(A, D and E). spring and its bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables should help you. Also don't forget to drinkat least 1.5L of water per day, your hair will thank you.

Brush your hair with a suitable brush

Choose ahair brushwhich detangles without tearing out the hair follicles, to limit the phenomenon of hair loss. You can also choose amassaging hairbrush, to stimulate blood circulation and therefore the growth and regrowth of new hair.

Don't panic, once you adapt to the new season, your hair will stop its loss. You now have the keys to reduce it. Also do not hesitate to takenatural food supplementsto strengthen your hair during this period.

Finally, if you want more advice adapted to your needs, to take care of your hair do not hesitate to contact ushair diagnosisonline, which will take you less than a minute. you can also consult ourblog postwhich brings together essential advice for taking care of your hair.

I want beautiful hair

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