Comment limiter la chute de cheveux ?

How to limit hair loss?

Hair loss ? We explain how to limit breakage and stimulate regrowth.🌿

Our hair is sensitive to seasonal changes and temperature variations. With the onset of cold weather, hair loss tends to intensify. Don't panic, it's a completely natural process. Although unpleasant, this phenomenon remains temporary. However, you can limit breakage and stimulate regrowth. For that, no magic wand but a brush that will change your life!

Detangling and volume brush

Composed of nylon fibers, our brush has many benefits, we explain to you: The nylon bristles are very flexible, which allows you to overcome all knots without forcing for a smooth detangling. No more painful brushing and bye bye dead hair. The brush is also perfect for a scalp massage. The nylon pins allow you to deeply massage the scalp, stimulate circulation and thus revitalize, soothe and stimulate hair growth. The big plus: have your brush engraved to make it even more personal!

Do your hair well

Brushing on wet hair is quite possible, however the hair is more vulnerable. To avoid damaging them, we advise you to brush them starting with the tips and working your way up to the roots.

When they are dry, to stimulate your scalp and promote regrowth, prefer a gentle brushing from the scalp to the tips head down. The spaced layout of the pins of our detangling and volume brush allows you to air and detangle straight and curly hair, dry and wet, while giving it volume and promoting the stimulation of the bulb necessary for your hair's growth. while offering a moment of massage.

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