Nourrir ses cheveux grâce au brossage, c'est possible !

Nourishing your hair through brushing is possible!

Is your hair dry and brittle?😣 It is possible that you naturally do not secrete enough sebum. This can also be due to external aggressions: pollution, heating devices... To remedy this, just brush your hair regularly with a suitable brush.


Composed of nylon fibers and boar bristles, our brush has many benefits, we explain:

The natural boar bristles moisturize the hair fiber from the roots to the tips by distributing the sebum on the hair fiber. Ideal for nourishing your hair, making it shinier and better hydrated. Thanks to their keratin material, boar bristles help clean your hair by removing impurities accumulated throughout the day, which will also allow you to space your shampoos.

The very flexible nylon pins will effectively detangle your hair without breaking it. They also allow you to deeply massage the scalp for a moment of relaxation and stimulate hair growth.💆‍♀️

The big plus: have your brush engraved to make it even more personal!


The ideal is to comb your hair twice a day, morning and evening. Take the time to properly detangle your hair. Brush head down, from the back of the skull to the tips, to promote the distribution of sebum and remove all impurities.

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