How not to have greasy hair?

When you have oily hair you often wonder what the cause is and how to fix it? Discover all our tips to fight against this phenomenon and find healthier hair every day!

Why is my hair oily?

We have all been faced with this situation where your hair seemsgreasy, shiny and sticky, a rather unpleasant feeling that makes you wonder:what could have caused this overproduction of sebum?

Often oily hair is associated with dirty hair, yet the reasons can be completely different!

When your hair is oily, it means that your scalp is secreting more sebum than normal. In reality, sebum, associated with perspiration, forms aprotective barrier for the scalp, protecting it from external aggressions and dehydration. Thisnatural oilspreads throughout the hair, protects it and makes it shiny and supple.

So why this overproduction of oil? It may be the cause ofseveral factorssuch as a hormonal imbalance, stress, environmental conditions, the use of inappropriate products or an unbalanced diet.

Our simple tips to integrate into your anti-oily hair routine

To help you take care of your oily hair, we have put together some simple but effective natural tips to saygoodbye to oily hair every day!

  • Include in your dietfoods rich in purifying zinc, such as lean meats, nuts, seeds and lentils. However, limit saturated fats and sugars!

  • Use products suited to your hair typeAndmaintain a healthy lifestyle! Regular use ofthe right brushhair spray can also help take care of your scalp and regulate excessive sebum production by loosening your roots. Carry out agentle brushingof your hair, focusing mainly on the lengths, each evening, in order toremove impurities and pollutionwhich may have accumulated on the hair fibers.

  • Wash your pillowcases regularly!Oil can build up on fabrics over time, so it is advisable toclean or replace your pillowcases every few days.

Bad habits to avoid to fight oily hair

In addition to these tips,avoid certain bad habitsthat can harm the health of your hair

  • Don't overuse shampoos, as this can lead to overproduction of sebum. In fact, we must try tospace out washes. However, when the hair becomes sufficiently oily it isnecessary to wash them! Indeed, the growth of your hair will be slowed down due to blocked pores on the scalp because your hair will not be properly nourished.
  • Don't touch your hair too much!We have all already wrapped our hair around our fingers or had a habit of putting back our locks of hair, yet when the sebaceous glands are overworked by these frequent movements, it leads to an overproduction of sebum.
  • Limit the use of heating appliances!In fact, the heat from your straighteners or hair dryers can stimulate sebum production.
  • Easier said than done buttry to avoid stress!It can be the cause of excess sebum on the scalp.
  • Avoid unsuitable hair products!Those based on silicone but also shampoos containing sulfate which tend to grease and weigh down the hair.


You now have the keys in hand to say goodbye to your greasy hair! Find all our tips for taking care of your hair onour blog

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