How to avoid dry and brittle hair?

Having dry, brittle hair can be a source of frustration for many of us. Not only can itaffect our self-confidence, but it can also be a sign of abigger problem. If your hair seems to be constantly dry and brittle,several factorsmay be the cause. We've listed the most common reasons why your hair could be in this state, and some simple solutions to put in place to fix this problem.

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Why do I have dry and brittle hair?

  • THE“external attacks”are often responsible for hair dryness. Exposure to sun, wind, pollution and even salt water can all contribute todehydration of your hair, leaving them dry and brittle.

  • Coloring, bleaching, perming and chemical straighteningcan weaken the structure of your hair, making it more vulnerable to breakage. Likewise, excessive use of straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers can also make them drier.

  • Foodis important for the health of your hair. Your hair needs nutrients to stay healthy.An unbalanced diet or insufficient hydrationcan be reflected inthe condition of your hair, making them dull, dry and fragile.

By understanding these external factors, you can begin totake steps to protect your hairattacks and restore their natural health!

The internal aspects of dry and brittle hair

Beyond external factors, someinternal aspectscan also contribute to dryness and brittleness of your hair. Here are some points to consider:

  • Therenature of your hair! It can be largely determined by your genes. If your parents had naturally dry hair, you may have inherited this characteristic.

  • Somemedical conditionsor somehormonal imbalancescan affect thehealth of your hair, making them drier and more fragile.

  • Difficult to control butchronic stresscan impact the health of your hair, just like aunhealthy lifestylecharacterized by lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise.

By identifying and addressing these internal factors, you can helpimprove overall healthof your hair.

Some solutions to combat dry and brittle hair

Now that you have a better understanding of the possible causes of your dry and brittle hair, let's seesome solutionsto revitalize them:

  • Make sure youdrink enough waterand usemoisturizing hair productsto restore moisture to your hair. Several factors can lead toloss of hydration, including excessive exposure to the sun, frequent use of hot water when washing hair, and repeated application of harsh hair products.

  • Protect your hair! Use heat protection products before using heating tools like anti-heat sprays.

  • Useproducts adapted to your hair typeand maintain a healthy lifestyle! Regular use ofgood hairbrushes,including those made of boar hair, can also help take care of your scalp. Carry out agentle brushingof your hair, focusing mainly on the lengths.


  • Ensure a good diet! An unbalanced diet can also affect hair health.A deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals, like biotin, vitamin E and zinc, can make hair dry and brittle.

Having dry, brittle hair can really be frustrating, right? But don't despair! By understanding what can cause these problems you are better equipped to take care of your hair. You now have the keys in hand to say goodbye to your dry and brittle hair! Find all our tips for taking care of your hair onour blog

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