Comment nettoyer votre brosse à cheveux ?

How to clean your hairbrush?

With each brushing, your brush accumulates a lot of dirt (hair, dust, sebum, care residues, etc.) and can quickly become a veritable nest of microbes. 😱

You can find dead hair, care residues, dust, dandruff, dust, sebum… In short, a bit of everything. This is why it is essential to think about cleaning your brush regularly.

Here are the different steps to follow for a clean brush and healthy hair:

👉 Start by removing the hair stuck between the pins by hand.

👉 Then wash your brush by applying a dose of mild shampoo then rub between the pins to distribute the product well and insist on the pneumatic cousin.

👉 Rinse your brush thoroughly while continuing to rub so that no foam remains.

👉 Wipe the handle of your brush then let it dry on a clean cloth with pins down for a day or a night.

⚠️ Warning: Do not use too hot water and do not soak the brush in water.

And There you go ! Your brush is like new!

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