La clarification pour purifier son cuir chevelu

Clarification to purify your scalp

Clarification aims to purify and rid your scalp of impurities (pollution, dust, residues of hair products, etc.). If you feel that your hair is oily despite shampoos and lacks volume, then it's time to do this treatment. 😉

How to proceed ?

It's very simple: get some green or white clay (2 to 3 tbsp), a little warm water, a bowl and a wooden spatula. Add the water little by little to the bowl containing the clay until you obtain a homogeneous paste, neither too liquid nor too thick.

To mix, we recommend using a wooden or plastic spoon, but not a metal one, as this can cause the good properties of the clay to be lost. You can also add a little aloe vera gel to your preparation if you have an irritated scalp, or 2 drops of tea tree essential oil for an even more purifying and antibacterial effect. 🌿

Start by detangling your hair well with a suitable brush. If you have fine hair that tends to be dry, use a nylon/boar bristle brush.

If your hair is thick, curly, or tends to get greasy at the roots, use a nylon bristle brush . Then, apply the mixture to your scalp before shampooing and leave on for 20 to 30 minutes. The ideal is to cover with a care cap so that the clay does not dry out and penetrate more. If you don't have one, you can cover your head with cellophane paper or a latex swimming cap. Once the exposure time is over, wash and rinse your hair thoroughly. 🫧

Do not hesitate to apply a mask on your lengths because the clay can dry out the hair a little. You can renew this treatment every 6 weeks or more regularly if you feel the need.

Clarification can also be done with baking soda. It is a very simple and effective method because it is enough to mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate in its usual dose of shampoo. You can then rinse with clear water with a little cider vinegar to close the scales and balance the pH of the scalp. However, this method is more aggressive than the first, so do not leave the shampoo on too long.

The third solution is to use powder mixtures that you can find ready to use. If this is not the case, you can make the mixture yourself with Rhassoul powder, nettle powder or Shikakai powder. The application works like the clay one.🌿

We hope this new tip has given you the clearing tips you've been waiting for.

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