Adoptez les bons accessoires pour les cheveux bouclés

Adopt the right accessories for curly hair

Whether you have wavy or totally curly hair, it is necessary to adopt the right accessories to maintain your beautiful curls. We present to you our three essentials:

👉 The nylon bristle detangling brush:

If you have curly hair, this is THE brush for you. It gently detangles without breaking the curls. The nylon bristles, thanks to their flexibility and their spaced layout, gently detangle the hair while respecting the nature of your curls. Ideal on wet hair, the hair does not break and the curls take shape naturally.

The protective balls associated with the pneumatic cushion avoid attacking the scalp, massage gently, promote blood circulation and thus accelerate hair growth. The European beech handle is an ultra-resistant noble material that will allow you to keep your brush for a long time.

👉 The wooden wide-tooth comb :

Ideal for curly or wavy hair, the Bachca comb detangles without breaking the curls thanks to its spaced teeth. Effective on both dry and wet hair, it also evenly distributes your care products. It will quickly become an essential part of your hair care routine. If you get it wet, remember to wipe it with a towel and let it dry flat on a clean cloth.

👉 Invisible spiral elastics :

It is the revolutionary accessory for curly hair. Thanks to its spiral shape, the invisible elastic presses unevenly around the circumference of the ponytail or bun. It allows a long-lasting hold without damaging the hair and leaves no mark. Your curls will thus be protected and will keep all their splendour. This elastic can be removed very easily without tearing the hair.

Adopt these 3 accessories in your hair routine for curly hair in top shape!

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