Les 4 étapes pour une manucure parfaite !

The 4 steps for a perfect manicure!

Discover our tips for having beautiful natural nails. 💅

👉 Start by cleaning your nails well

Impossible to have a beautiful manicure without going through the cleaning step. Our nails are real dust nests, so it is essential to clean them well for cleanliness and to make them whiter.

For this you can use a nail brush. All you need to do is prepare a bowl of warm water with soap, then soak your nails in it for a few minutes. Then, scrub them with the brush. Repeat the process about once a week.

👉 Cut your nails

If your nails are too long, you will need to cut them. It is important to regularly cut your nails to prevent them from breaking.

For this, you can use a nail clipper which allows you to have a clean and precise cut of the nails of the hands as well as the feet in complete safety. Or you can use a pair of small scissors to cut the tips of your nails more carefully.

👉 File your nails

If you want to keep the length, then the best solution will be to use the nail file . It will allow you to give them the desired length and shape. Filing your nails regularly makes them stronger and prevents them from splitting. The Bachca glass nail file allows you to shorten, file and shape the nails with precision, preventing them from splitting thanks to its fine grain.

👉 Take care of your cuticles

Start by softening them by soaking your fingers in lukewarm water, then applying a cream or oil to nourish your nails. Then using a cuticle cutter, you can remove them very easily. You can repeat the gesture with each manicure.

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