Quelle brosse est faite pour vous ?

Which brush is for you?

It's a gesture that we do every day but which is often still neglected: brushing our hair. However, this beauty step is essential to enhance your hair and revive its softness and shine. So that you can choose the brush you need and know the keys to quality brushing, here are the answers to the questions you ask yourself.

👉 The wooden brush with boar bristle and nylon pins .

Fine hair that tends to be dry will prefer a brush with soft bristles. Boar bristle brushes are ideal as fine hair needs frequent detangling to prevent tangling.

Natural bristle brushes have the advantage of not weakening fine hair and allow the hair scales to be closed to enhance their shine. The nylon pins will limit static electricity. This brush will leave you with smooth and shiny hair for gentle detangling. 

👉 The wooden brush with nylon pins.

Thick hair or hair that tends to become greasy at the roots will prefer a brush with nylon bristles. Natural bristles risk weighing down the hair and making it greasier, whereas nylon bristles will be perfect. The nylon pins, thanks to their flexibility, detangle the hair without pain. The protective balls associated with the pneumatic cushion prevent damage to the scalp and massage gently.

It is advisable to brush your hair regularly so that the sebum which attaches to the root is distributed over the entire length, it will thus be protected.

👉 The wooden comb

An effective comb to gently detangle dry or damp hair effortlessly. It is ideal for curly hair, it will allow you to reshape your curls or reduce their frizzy or frizzy effect. You can also use it to distribute your favorite care products evenly throughout your hair.

Whatever the nature of your hair or its length, it is essential to brush your hair regularly, at least twice a day morning and evening and with a good quality brush.

Using a poor quality brush can weaken your hair, making it brittle, electric and damage your scalp. The brush is a simple object and yet so precious. So trust us, your hair will thank you!

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