Pourquoi se brosser les cheveux régulièrement ?

Why brush your hair regularly?

Brushing is a daily gesture whose benefits we tend to underestimate for both our hair and our scalp. Discover all the benefits of regular brushing:

👉 Stimulates blood circulation

Brushing morning and evening will help stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and thus soften it. This blood flow is essential to provide the roots with all the nutrients necessary for hair growth.

You can also take the time to massage your scalp for a few minutes upside down. Move your scalp from the base of the skull to the top and repeat the gesture several times. This practice will detoxify the scalp by ridding it of dead cells.

👉 Promotes hair growth

By stimulating your blood circulation through brushing, you promote the growth of your hair. In addition, brushing will distribute the sebum on your hair and thus protect it from external aggressions, this will give them a much shinier appearance. They will therefore be in better health and will deteriorate less quickly.

👉 Removes impurities

It is important to brush your hair thoroughly at least twice a day. This will allow you to remove all the impurities accumulated during the day: pollution, dust, dead cells... To do this, use a quality brush that will gently untangle your hair. Choose a boar bristle brush that won't break your hair and will make it much shinier.

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