Quels pinceaux utiliser pour avoir un regard au top ?

What brushes to use to have a look at the top?

Brushes for applying, blending, lining… There are so many that it's not always easy to know which brush to use for eye makeup. 👀

Whether you want makeup for the day or makeup for the evening, choosing the right brush will save you time for flawless results and long-lasting hold. Discover the essentials to slip into your makeup bag.

👉 The beveled eyeshadow brush

The angled eyeshadow brush is ideal for applying eyeshadow and creating beautiful gradients. It offers many possibilities, it allows you to mix colors, blur them and work on your look by giving it relief. The fact that the brush is beveled makes it possible to work the inner and outer corner of the eye. In order to maintain the quality of your brush, remember to maintain it by washing it regularly with a mild soap and letting it dry naturally.

👉 Precision eyeshadow brush

The Precision Eyeshadow Brush is ideal for applying all types of textures with precision. Its fine dome-shaped head with graduated bristles allows you to work with all types of textures, cream or powder, dry or wet. Its dense bristles are made of Taklon, a revolutionary synthetic fiber of incomparable softness. It will allow you to achieve sophisticated gradations by mixing several shades of eye shadow or even achieve real "smoky eyes".

👉 Eyebrow & Eyeliner brush

The eyebrow & eyeliner brush is ideal for applying and blending the eyebrow pencil but also for drawing a line of eyeliner. Its fine beveled synthetic fibers make it possible to draw very precisely the contour of the eyes in order to define and intensify the look. A 2 year 1 tool that will save your make-up in minutes.

Each brush has a very specific function, get the right brush and good quality! 💃

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