3 cadeaux uniques et personnalisés à offrir à vos proches

3 unique and personalized gifts to give to your loved ones

Are you looking for a unique, beautiful and durable gift? Our personalized hairbrushes are available for all budgets and all desires!

1. The Personalized Hair Brush: sure to please

We are often lost when it comes to giving a gift to a loved one. How to choose something that is both original and useful, pretty and durable?

Our hairbrushes have been a daily fixture for our customers since 2016, and personalization brings that touch of originality that brightens up the grayest mornings. What's better than a gift that you can use every day for years? You can write a first name, a nickname, a date, all dedications are possible.

Our hairbrushes also make an effective gift, thanks to the expertise of Camille the founder: your hundreds of reviews testify to this! Their pins have been chosen to gently detangle all types of hair, and make them shine or give them volume .

Finally, Bachca brushes add character to all bathrooms thanks to their uniquely designed beech wood handles. They also come in a pretty sheath box, perfect for giving as a gift!

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2. The personalized box: offer a unique brush, but not only that!

For an even more wow effect, turn to our boxes with an engraved brush, which personalize the experience even more.

The set for gentle makeup

We have combined the customizable brush of your choice with 2 wooden brushes, always as effective and refined. This selection of accessories comes in a colorful box ready to offer and is available in 2 colors and in a shine or volume version.

The box for a baby

This box is the ideal birth or birthday gift for taking care of little ones' hair. The customizable brush comes with a pretty wooden comb, and comes in 2 colors.

The box set for a little girl

An ideal gift set for a little girl, with a customizable brush and hairdressing accessories. An original gift that changes toys and is just as enjoyable.

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3. The personalized duo: mother-daughter, couple, best friends, anything goes

Finally, one last idea and not the least: the brush duo. It allows you to kill two birds with one stone, at Christmas or for a joint birthday. It's an opportunity to let loose with fun nicknames or a souvenir date! This idea is also often used for bachelorette parties.

Bachca personalized hairbrushes in a basket.

Our customizable hairbrushes are an endless gift to please or treat yourself. Don’t hesitate to share your original gift ideas with us!

To take even better care of your hair and that of your loved ones, discover our dedicated article .

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