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Secret Santa: low-budget but useful and durable gift ideas

What is a Secret Santa?

Increasingly, between colleagues, friends or even family, the month of December is punctuated with Secret Santa events. The principle ? Everyone draws a first name and offers a unique gift to a member of the assembly. Often to simplify, the budget is defined in advance and a theme can even be given.

This mode of operation has many advantages: fewer ideas to find , the values ​​of the gifts are fair , less unreasonable consumption too. But often we find ourselves giving a gift to someone we don't know well, and that can create knots in the brain. Unwrapping these gifts is often filled with excitement: who is giving me my gift? will mine please?

Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge, but don't worry, we're here to guide you! Whether you have a modest or more generous budget, discover our gift suggestions that will make the eyes of all the women on your Secret Santa list shine, enough to make you elect Best Father or Mother Christmas!

For small budgets: opt for affordable & adorable hair accessories

If your budget is limited, don't worry, we still have something to hit the mark on unboxing day. To do this, you just have to choose!

Is his style rather classic? Our barrettes (and in particular our best-selling round golden barrette ) are sure to make an impact!

On the contrary, she is rather “cool”? Our scrunchies and elastics allow you to quickly and effectively tie your hair.

You don't really know? Our hair clips are perfect for all occasions, tie your hair in a hurry or create a more sophisticated hairstyle. They suit all tastes and desires!

pretty golden round barrette Bachca

She's a fan of makeup or hair: opt for a brush or a comb

For a woman who loves makeup , a professional quality wooden brush is a gift that will certainly be appreciated. Choose a brush for eye makeup,complexion makeup, or even a complete set if your budget allows.

If the lucky lady seems to prefer to take care of her hair , a comb or even a personalized hairbrush will guarantee you success in choosing your gift.

Are you looking for an eco-friendly and Zero Waste gift?

Do you want to please with a lasting gift? You are already in the right place with all our accessories . If you want to go further and motivate yourself to replace disposable bathroom products, turn to our make-up remover cottons, in packs of 2 or 7 , or our ecological ear cleaner . Our makeup headband also makes a great Secret Santa gift!

Finally, choose eco-friendly packaging

Don't forget the packaging! Opt for our recyclable cardboard gift box or recycled or fabric gift paper.

No matter the budget, we have perfect Secret Santa gifts for every woman (and men with our manicure accessories !). From affordable hair accessories to wooden makeup brushes, customizable brushes and eco-friendly facial options, there's an option for every style and preference.

Thank you for pleasing and surprising with an original gift from a small French brand !

If you want to know more about caring for your hair, continue on our blog .

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