Le soleil, bon ou mauvais pour nos cheveux ?

The sun, good or bad for our hair?

The beautiful days are coming and our hair will be more and more exposed to the sun. 🌞 It is very beneficial for our morale but is it also for our hair or do we have to protect ourselves from it?

In small doses, exposure to the sun is beneficial for our hair. 👍 Indeed, the sun allows them to grow much faster by increasing the blood circulation of our scalp. It will also give them lighter highlights and promote the production and synthesis of vitamin D. To accentuate the beneficial effects of the sun on your scalp, you can use our detangling and volume brush. These ultra-flexible nylon pins penetrate the hair deeply to provide a stimulating massage and promote regrowth.

However, we must be careful because at high doses the sun can become harmful for our hair. 👎
UV rays can damage the scales of the hair and thus make them thinner and brittle. The sun can also have a disastrous effect on our scalp by drying it out, which can cause the appearance of dandruff and accentuate hair loss.

It is therefore important to protect your hair during prolonged exposure to the sun, and the best way to do this is to wear a hat or cap. 👒

You can also use shampoos and conditioners with UV protection, but pay attention to their composition. There are non-greasy hair sprays that can be applied to hair before and during exposure.

So the sun YES but without abusing it!

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