Les accessoires à shopper pour une beauté plus green !

Accessories to shop for a greener beauty!

Let's adopt a beauty routine that respects the environment! 🌿

Cottons, cotton swabs and other disposable accessories are small pieces of waste that seem to disappear as if by magic once in the trash. But their small size allows them to escape even more easily towards the sea and into nature, to join other waste or end up in the stomachs of marine species...

To stop this scourge, it's up to each of us to review our habits and it starts in the morning in our bathroom. Here is our selection of beauty accessories to move towards a zero waste bathroom , and stop taking out the trash every four mornings. 😉

The stainless steel ear cleaner

The stainless steel ear cleaner is a good ecological alternative to cotton swabs, for sustainable cleaning and zero waste. In addition to helping you in your quest for zero waste, this tool is much more effective than a disposable cotton swab: its spoon shape gently removes excess earwax without pushing it deep into the ear!

A good thing for your health, for the oceans when you know that thousands of cotton swabs are thrown away every day and for your wallet!

Reusable cottons

Reusable cottons have become the essentials of the zero waste lifestyle. The washable make-up remover cotton is a beauty essential for all those who wish to act in favor of the environment. 🌱 Without plastic packaging and not being disposable, it does not create additional waste.

On average, a woman uses 4 cotton pads a day. This therefore makes 121 cottons per month, which represents 2,160 cottons per year. In addition to being ecological, washable cotton pads are economical because even if their price may seem more expensive at the start, their infinite use makes it possible to quickly cover this cost.

glass nail file

Swap your cardboard nail file for a durable glass file. This frosted glass nail file will accompany you for a long time. The quality of the glass guarantees you a soft, fine and even manicure, for perfectly maintained nails. Very economical and ecological, it will not end up in a trash can after a few uses like cardboard files. 💅

Konjac sponge

The Konjac sponge is composed exclusively of vegetable fibers (100% Konjac root). Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive or acne-prone, it deeply cleanses the face, tightens pores and stimulates microcirculation. 💦

Its lifespan is two to three months. It is respectful of the environment, its 100% natural and biodegradable composition allows you to then throw it in the compost. A very profitable investment for your skin!

You just have to take the plunge to do good for the planet and your wallet!

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