On vous dit tout sur nos brosses en poils de sanglier !

We tell you all about our boar bristle brushes!


Many of you ask us about our boar bristle brushes. Where do the hairs come from, what are the benefits, how to clean them...? We answer all your questions about the brushes we sell to you.☺️

1.We offer two types of boar bristle brushes:
👉 The 100% boar bristle brush
👉 The nylon/boar bristle brush

2.Where does boar hair come from?
Our boar bristles come from a province located in the mountains of Asia. Wild boars are not bred and killed to recover their hair. Wild boars are therefore not bred for the sole purpose of producing hair, but rather it is a by-product of wild boar farming. 🐗

3.How are the sleeves made?
Bachca is committed to using natural and non-polluting materials in order to create sustainable products and minimize our impact on the environment.
The handles of the brushes and paintbrushes are made of raw beech, a noble and non-polluting material. Solid and durable, beech is perfect for providing our accessories with unfailing resistance. 🪵

4.What are the benefits of boar bristles on your hair?
Boar bristles help distribute sebum throughout your hair. The natural bristles will collect the oils from the scalp and distribute them over all your lengths, which prevents sebum from accumulating at the roots, thus avoiding the greasy appearance of the hair. Your lengths will be protected from external aggressions, this will give them a much shinier appearance. They will therefore be in better health and will deteriorate less quickly. They will also allow for smoother detangling. Boar bristles are more flexible than nylon, so they will detangle without breaking the hair fiber.

5.How to maintain your boar bristle brush?
Boar bristles are natural, so it is essential to take care of them. This obviously involves regular cleaning of your brush. 🫧

Here are the different steps to follow for a clean brush and healthy hair:
👉 Start by removing the hair stuck between the pins by hand.
👉 Then wash your brush by applying a dose of mild shampoo then rub between the pins to distribute the product well and insist on the pneumatic cousin.
👉 Rinse your brush thoroughly while continuing to rub so that no foam remains.
👉 Wipe the handle of your brush then let it dry on a clean cloth with pins down for a day or a night.
Caution: Do not use too hot water and do not soak the brush in water.

6.Boar bristle brushes, for whom?
Boar bristle brushes are ideal for normal to fine hair that needs frequent detangling to avoid tangles. Brushes with natural bristles have the advantage of not weakening fine hair and can close the scales of the hair to enhance their shine. They are also ideal for babies or young children who have fragile hair and scalp.



Bonjour Céline, désolée pour cette mésaventure ! J’ai pris contact avec vous pour remplacer votre brosse défectueuse. Bonne journée et à bientôt !


La brosse en elle même est efficace cependant le blanc du manche s’effrite et laisse des petites particules partout jusque dans mes cheveux ! Petit désagrément particulièrement désagréable et peu esthétique pour le devenir de la brosse

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