La brosse démêlage et volume Bachca utilisée sur cheveux mouillés, à tendance grasse.

Which brush to choose for oily hair?

It is always complicated to decide on a hairbrush . Should I choose a brush with nylon, wood or plastic bristles? Should I opt for boar bristles? This dilemma is even more true for oily hair , because the last effect you want is to grease your lengths when brushing . Did you know that, on the contrary, even people with oily hair can avoid shampooing by choosing a good hairbrush?

We tell you everything about how to choose your brush when you have oily hair!

Why do I have oily hair?

A woman using the detangling and volume brush, seen in a mirror.

Oily hair is usually the result of overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands of the scalp. The hair then feels heavy, sticky and looks dirty.

We sometimes have the impression that brushing can only make things worse, by further stimulating the production of sebum at the scalp and spreading it to the ends. So we avoid brushing them and that's a shame because good brushing with a good brush can allow you to space out shampoos, and here's how.

Choosing the right brush: a crucial step

The Bachca detangling and volume brush in a bathroom, accompanied by hair accessories.

Boar bristle brushes have very interesting properties, they smooth, shine and moisturize the hair fiber. However, these brushes should be avoided when you have oily hair. In fact, boar hair will stimulate the production of sebum in the scalp and spread it over the lengths, further weighing down the fiber and greasing the hair.

Oily hair needs freshness and the ideal way to achieve this sensation is to choose abrush with nylon bristles . That ofBachca is specially designed for oily hair, with spaced and flexible pins to detangle without tearing. The pimples are rounded at the end to avoid irritating the scalp which would respond with excessive sebum production.

How to brush your hair to space out shampoos

A woman brushing her hair with the Bachca detangling and volume brush, on wet hair.

Now that you have the right brush, you need the right brushing technique . The ideal is to brush your hair in the evening to remove impurities , gently and only on the lengths to preserve the scalp. This way you do not stimulate the production of sebum and your hair will regrease less quickly , which will gradually save days of shampooing.

You can also brush your wet hair with the shampoo to detangle it.

Choosing the right hairbrush when you have oily hair can make a huge difference in the health and appearance of your hair, and may even allow you to space out shampoos . Remember to clean your brush regularly to prevent the buildup of sebum and hair product residue. Find all our tips for taking care of your hair on the blog.

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